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Classic Creatine

Unflavored Powder with Probiotics

Creatine is as close to a home run as you can get in sports nutrition. This natural amino acid reliably increases muscle size, strength and stamina. Classic Creatine contains creatine monohydrate, the most scientifically proven form available. What’s more, each serving contains BioFit™ probiotic - which helps gut flora and aids quicker ingredient absorption.

  • For all fitness levels
  • Helpful for so-called 'hard gainers'
  • Helps break a training plateau
  • Mixes easily with water and flavored shakes

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How should you use it?

There are essentially two ways to take creatine:

Method 1: Take 5g (1 scoop) of creatine daily. If you’ve never taken creatine before, this method will gradually increase its level inside your muscles, causing them to increase in size, strength and stamina.

Method 2 is known as “loading.” You start by taking 5g of creatine, four times daily (a total of 20 g), for one week. Following this, you take 5g daily. Because the loading method causes your muscles to accumulate creatine faster, you will also experience benefits faster. Pick whichever method you choose. They both work reliably. 


Pro Tips

When Taking Protein

Your muscle cells contain tiny proteins, known as transporters, that pull creatine inside the cell. Once these become saturated with creatine, they need a few hours to process it. We suggest waiting at least 4 hours before taking another serving.

When doing cardio

Creatine requires adequate water to produce maximum results. We advise mixing each 5 g scoop with at least 10-12oz of water or any other drink like a protein shake.

When cutting up

Eating carbohydrates ('carbs') enhances the uptake of creatine by your muscles. This is because it stimulates the release of insulin, which in turn stimulates the creatine transporters in your muscle cells. Carbs that digest quickly (ex: breakfast cereals, white rice and potatoes) work best.

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03 Apr 2024
Jacob F.
United States


Best creatine on the market love the results

15 Mar 2024
Mark F.
United States United States


The product is great. I would like to see a better scoop in the container I could reach to the bottom, though big hand doesn’t fit through the top opening with that little scoop to get to the bottom package

03 Mar 2024
Jacob F.
United States United States

Classic creatine

Amazing best product on the market

21 Feb 2024
Satish B.
United States United States

Feel the pump.

I Can't get enough of it.

29 Jan 2024
John T.
United States United States

OSL Creatine

What can I say about creatine that hasn't already been said. We all know its been well researched and is one of the most consistent supplements on the market. I like the creatine from OSL because it's affordable as well as tasteless and odorless and mixes easily with my pre-workout drink and doesn't leave residue in the shaker bottle. I use about 4-5 days a week year round and never feel like my body stagnates while using it. If I take a week or 2 off toward the end of the year which I traditionally do because of the holidays I will take a break from creatine but as soon as I'm ready to get back in the gym, my creatine goes back in my bottle. It has always gone hand in hand with my physical workouts and you can tell this is a quality product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I take this before or after my workouts?
You can take Classic Creatine before or after your workouts, whichever you prefer. For maximum results, take it right after eating a carbohydrate-containing meal or snack and with 10-12 oz of water.
If I stop working out, should I stop taking creatine?
If your goal in taking creatine is to make your muscles bigger and stronger, than you’ll need to perform resistance exercise (i.e. lift weights) regularly to achieve satisfying results. Conversely, if you intend on taking a break from lifting for an extended period of time -say, several weeks or months- then you might as well stop taking creatine. You can resume once you get back in the gym. In fact, taking Classic Creatine after a break from working out will help you recoup any losses in muscle size and performance faster.
Will I lose the gains I’ve made from taking creatine if I stop using it?
  If you stop supplementing with creatine, you will eventually lose the gains it produced. (How long this takes depends on numerous factors.) This is natural. It’s similar to if you were to stop eating. Eventually you would run out of (i.e. use up) the energy provided to your body by the food you ate. Eventually, therefore, you would have to resume eating. 
Creatine is creatine, isn’t it? Is Classic Creatine really any better than other brands? I see that some brands are cheaper.
Creatine is creatine, but it can be taken in different forms. For instance, creatine monohydrate is the most scientifically proven form of creatine. Other forms of creatine, e.g. creatine ethyl ester, have been shown to not work as well and produce undesirable effects such as water weight gain. 

 And then there’s the issue of purity. Classic Creatine is purity tested by a third party to make sure that it does not contain unacceptable levels of impurities such as creatinine or heavy metals. 

 Finally -and this may be the most important aspect of all- especially when you’re buying something that you will be ingesting, you want to buy it from a brand that is not only third-party tested but also trusted by experts in the field. OSL has more physique legends, including Mr. Olympias, on its team than any other brand. These real-world experts know what works, and they’ve come to use and trust Classic Creatine and other OSL products to help them maintain and enhance their physiques time and time again. So Keep it Old School!
Should I cycle creatine?
Great question. Despite all the attention this subject gets, when it comes to creatine, there’s no anecdotal nor scientific proof that “cycling” (i.e. taking a periodic break from a supplement before resuming its use) offers any benefits, or has any downsides, for that matter. There’s also no evidence to date that there’s any harm in taking a maintenance dose (e.g. 3-5 g) of creatine every day without a break. 

 Everyone’s body is different. Listen to yours. If, after taking creatine for a few months you feel like taking a break, go ahead and do so. When you feel like getting back on it, get back on it. 

 As discussed above (question 2), remember that once you stop taking creatine, its level inside your muscles will gradually drop, causing you to lose the gains you made from it. No biggie. This just means when you get back on it, you’ll recoup those gains. If you train hard, you may blast right past them! 
Any other tips that will help me get awesome results?
Here are three more things you should know about creatine to get maximum results:

First, it has been suggested that the maximum amount of creatine your muscles can absorb at once is roughly around 5 g. Your muscle cells contain tiny proteins, known as transporters, that pull creatine inside the cell. Once these become saturated with creatine, they need a few hours to process it before they can take on another 5 g dose. For this reason, we suggest allowing at least 4 hours between doses. 

Second, creatine requires adequate water to produce maximum results. We advise drinking 10-12 oz with each 5 g dose. 

 Finally, eating carbohydrate (“carbs”) enhances the uptake of creatine by your muscles. This is because it stimulates the release of insulin, which in turn stimulates the creatine transporters in your muscle cells. A simple way to take advantage of this is to take each dose of creatine right after eating a carbohydrate-containing meal or snack. Carbs that digest quickly work best. Examples include breakfast cereals (e.g. corn flakes), white rice and potatoes. 
More Questions?
If you have any questions about this product please feel free to get in touch. At Old School Labs™, we pride ourselves in the quality of our products and our customer service.
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Classic Creatine with BioFit
Classic Creatine
Keep it Old School

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