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Built Upon Golden Era Foundations to Create and Evolve Today’s Champions

When you look back at the Golden Era of bodybuilding, it’s hard not to appreciate where the sport has come from. The symmetry, the aesthetics, the v-taper, and the classic lines. Icons like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Frank Zane, Samir Bannout, and Steve Reeves come to mind with their superhero-esque physiques. It’s a look you can appreciate like a fine piece of art.

Franco, Frank, Lou, and Arnold

Franco Columbu, Frank Zane, Lou Ferrigno, Arnold Schwarzenegger

It was the history that they created for the sport. It was the passion and purity when it came to their training and nutrition. It was the mentality and knowledge they shared with the world that helped pave the way for the next generation of bodybuilders to emerge.

Without the Golden Era, bodybuilding wouldn’t be where it is today. The sacrifices made in gyms like Gold’s Gym “The Mecca” in Venice, California, will go down in history.

The only question left to ask is, “Are you willing to be a part of history?”

Old School Labs was built upon the ideology that everyone is capable of making history and standing for something. It’s about drawing a line in the sand and never compromising or wavering.

We promise to do our part and earn your trust by providing you with the highest quality supplements to help you achieve your own goals in life – whatever they may be. And we vow to stand with you during the most challenging of times when you have to dig deep, only to come out and break through barriers you never thought were impenetrable.

THIS is Old School. THIS is history in the making. How will YOU be remembered?

Tarek and Arnold

Arnold Schwarzenegger with OSL founder Tarek Sidani

Supplements That Make Sense™

While the passion behind Old School Labs is rooted deep in bodybuilding history, our mission is for a greater good. You don’t need to be a bodybuilder to be a part of the Old School Labs family. You don’t need to have mounds of muscle, compete on a bodybuilding stage, follow a certain diet, or even have years of training under your belt.

Customers around the globe not only trust our brand because of our high standards and commitment when it comes to manufacturing the best supplements on the planet to help you achieve your health and fitness goals but rather, they share an “old school” passion for something they hold near and dear.

Old school muscle cars, wrestling, strongman, arm wrestling, you name it… it’s the nostalgia of yesteryears that bring people joy. And while it may be considered “history” or something “in the past,” it has meaning behind it. Maybe it’s a pastime you had with a parent, a friend, a family member? Regardless, it’s something you’re passionate about and drives you.

The purpose and mission behind Old School Labs is to take our favorite old school pastimes and bring them to the new school. Help them evolve. Help them grow. And most importantly, helping all of us relive history and a moment in time that brings us enjoyment.

Through the Old School Labs line of supplements, you can help maintain a healthy mind and body so that you can enjoy all of your activities, interests, and hobbies – maybe you can even introduce others who may appreciate those very same things? Our supplements are built around history and science.

This is our way of not only remembering history but creating our own. We hope you’ll take this journey with us, so we can all create our own piece of history.

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✔ All our products are proudly formulated at our headquarters in Southern California 🌴 - the birthplace of the Golden Era of fitness, and our brand.

✔ We use only clean ingredients & never add useless additives. Our products are guaranteed to deliver results quickly, and not hurt your long-term health.

✔ We are proud to have more Golden Era bodybuilding legends than any other brand 💪. Their wisdom is distilled into our company and products.

✔ We support the bodybuilding community through education, by sponsoring up-and-coming athletes 🏋, and by encouraging the adoption of better competition standards.

✔ All our products are manufactured at cGMP certified facilities in the USA. We work to source responsibly, and to reduce waste in our packaging, and supply chain.

✔ We give back to our local communities 🏡 through charitable work with kids in underserved areas, and through donations to organizations supporting veterans and first-responders.

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