Classic Series

Our Classic Series delivers the highest quality single-ingredient supplements, infused with BioFit™ probiotic, triple-tested for purity and backed by our satisfaction guarantee.

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Classic Creatine
Creatine Monohydrate Powder
This natural amino acid reliably increases muscle size, strength and stamina. What’s more, each serving contains BioFit™ probiotic - which helps gut flora and aids quicker ingredient absorption.
Classic BCAA
BCAA Powder with Probiotics
Has zero-calories and tastes great. Plus, with BioFit™ probiotics, it’s healthy for your muscles and your gut. Use it to help build and preserve muscle and recover faster.
Classic Immunity
Multi-Action Immunity Booster
Made for active individuals, with a synergistic formula that helps support immune system health, protect cells, and deliver bioavailable minerals plus herbal extracts.

Looking for more?

Try the Vintage Series with its proven formulas inspired by the Golden Era of bodybuilding.

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Unlike other pre-workouts, its unique two-stage formula delivers steady energy and hydration. This means no crashing, no dependency, just more strength and endurance from start to finish.
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Protein Blend
A blend of three protein sources: eggs, milk (casein + whey) and beef. It provides a powerful muscle-building effect and keeps you feeling full without the extra fat, sugar, or cholesterol.
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Fat Burner
A highly effective thermogenic fat burner that helps speed up the body’s metabolism and convert stored fat into energy without wasting muscle.
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Post Workout
Contains an effective mixture of three essential muscle building ingredients: BCAAs, Creatine Monohydrate, and L-Glutamine to help stimulate and retain your muscle mass.
N.O. Booster
Helps keep nitric oxide (N.O.) levels elevated for hours – enabling bigger and better pumps, and higher-intensity workouts (of all type).
Testosterone Booster
Works with the body’s self-regulating hormonal mechanisms for a natural testosterone boost which produces noticeable increases in strength and muscle hardness, and enhances sexual health.
Fat Burning Drink
Has a thermogenic fat burning effect that helps speed up the body’s metabolism and convert stored fat into energy without wasting muscle - but in a delicious powder.
Combines key vitamins and minerals in an effective dose with potent probiotics. Take it to help support your immune system, bone and tissue health, metabolic efficiency, and recovery.
Sleep & Recovery
A muscle recovery and sleep aid that helps the body reach the non-REM, deep sleep, stage faster to stimulate both muscle growth and repair.