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Increase Blood Flow and Be a BEAST in the Gym and Bedroom

Performance issues in the gym and bedroom can be due to a lack of proper blood flow when you need it most. There’s nothing more humiliating than lacking the hardness to get the job done in the bedroom or as defeating as looking in their gym mirror at a flat physique. It’s time to change all of that!

With Vintage Burst, you can feel the surge of blood flowing through your veins and enhancing that bigger, harder, and fuller look you demand. The unique formula found in Vintage Burst can elevate levels of nitric oxide (N.O.) in the body for hours – providing a long-lasting effect.

Vintage Burst
194 reviews

✔ Massive muscle pumps

✔ Enhance blood flow for up to 3 hours

✔ Improve workout and sexual performance

✔ Look Bigger, fuller, and harder

✔ Increase energy and stamina

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Vintage Burst



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Boost Nitric Oxide Levels to Maximize Performance

Enhance Muscle Pumps
Enhance Muscle Pumps

The unique combination of ingredients utilized not only help increase nitric oxide levels, but keep them elevated for hours – allowing for intense muscle pumps that last and cause you to look bigger, fuller, and harder, longer

Improve Blood Flow
Improve Blood Flow

An increase in blood flow helps deliver oxygenated blood and nutrients throughout the body to help properly support optimum performance and muscle recovery

Maximize Performance
Maximize Performance

Enhancements in blood flow have many benefits, which include a boost in performance during workouts and in the bedroom – sending blood to where it needs to be to get the job done

Boost Energy & Stamina
Boost Energy & Stamina

Natural sources of caffeine can elevate energy levels and provide improvements to stamina and endurance during intense workouts in the gym and bedroom

Heighten Mood & Drive
Heighten Mood & Drive

When you feel better, you perform better – and what better way to get through a busy day than by elevating your mood and increasing your drive

Formulated for Men & Women
Formulated for Men & Women

Both men and women can use this precise formula to elevate nitric oxide levels and allow for performance increases and benefits in the gym and between the sheets

What Are People Saying About Vintage Burst?

Anthony L.

Verified Purchase

"Best product I’ve tried so far! I’ve reordered because the results show.... Vintage Burst truly gives and keeps that pump after a good workout."

Michael M.

Verified Purchase

"This product is amazing. Ridiculous energy, wicked pumps, amazing focus and zero jitters. It’s everything Old School Labs claims. I love this stuff."

Randall L.

Verified Purchase

"Man I tell you I was pumped and kickin it at the gym. This product really works. I just purchased two more bottles!"

Zachary F.

Verified Purchase

"Love the pump. Long lasting. Feel jacked, which offers a lot of confidence and make the workouts feel more effective if you are in a slump."

365-Day Money-Back Guarantee

All-Natural Ingredients That Can Make Your Sleeves and Pants Tighter

How many times were revved up and ready to go but with nothing to show? You know what we’re talking about! You needed that boost of blood flow to get you bigger and harder – only to find yourself in the gym mirror looking flat and without a pump (or even worse, soft in the bedroom). You may feel ashamed and embarrassed, but it’s not all that uncommon, and there’s a solution that can provide MASSIVE and LASTING effects.

When nitric oxide levels are not optimized, it can drastically reduce your gym and bedroom performance. Your muscles and sexual organs (yes ladies, even you can see dramatic benefits from boosting nitric oxide levels) demand enhanced blood flow to function properly.

Vintage Burst was created to help solve a blood flow problem that many people face and provide a solution to their performance issues. When it’s time to hit the gym or the sheets, the last thing you want to think about is a lack of blood flow to where you need it most. You demand fullness, hardness, and SIZE when it’s time to get to work. It’s for that reason that thousands of customers use and trust Vintage Burst to increase nitric oxide levels and enhance full-body blood flow.

Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 3 Capsules

Servings Per Container: 40

Amount Per Serving

L-Arginine HCI

1,500 mg*

Maca Root Extract (0.6% glucosinolates)

150 mg*

Spectra™ consisting of:

100 mg*

Coffea arabica bean extract, Green tea leaf extract, Broccoli sprout concentrate, Onion Extract, Apple extract, Quercetin, Tomato concentrate, Broccoli concentrate, Camu Camu concentrate, Acerola extract, Acai concentrate (Euterpe oleracea), Turmeric root concentrate, Garlic concentrate, Basil concentrate, Oregano concentrate, Cinnamon concentrate, Carrot concentrate, Elderberry concentrate, Mangosteen concentrate, Blackcurrant extract, Blueberry extract, Sweet Cherry concentrate, Raspberry concentrate, Spinach concentrate, Chokeberry concentrate, Kale Concentrate, Blackberry concentrate, Bilberry extract, Brussels Sprout concentrate

CoffeeBerry® coffee whole fruit extract (70% caffeine)(Coffea arabica)

100 mg*

Vanadyl Sulfate

10 mg*

* Daily Value not established.

What really sets this product apart is the specific formula that both men and women can use. Additionally, there is no set demographic for who Vintage Burst is targeted towards. You can be a professional athlete, weekend warrior, fitness enthusiast, gamer, bodybuilder, Fortune 500 CEO, or a soccer mom, and each can experience the benefits associated with enhanced blood flow.

The all-natural ingredients found in the profile were methodically chosen to maximize the benefits you can experience while also making sure there is no up and down with performance levels. You demand a nice, steady increase in energy, stamina, and blood flow that lasts so you can get the job done.

Rachael H.

Verified Buyer

"Vintage Burst has been a great addition and has proven that it is not just great at helping with producing a good quality pump, but it also does so without the crazy hyped up feeling of others I have tried."

If you’re after massive pumps, vascularity, the ability to train harder and with less fatigue, and the capability to enhance stamina and performance in the gym and bedroom, there’s nothing else out there that can compete with Vintage Burst.

365-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Ingredients That Work Synergistically to Help Provide You with Long-Lasting Results

Not all supplement ingredients are created equal. They might have the same name but different quality and effectiveness. 

Think about buying a steak. Just as there are different qualities of the same cut of meat, there are different qualities for the same supplement ingredients.

Old School Labs™ uses the highest quality ingredients and all of them are responsibly sourced.

L-Arginine HCI
L-Arginine HCI (1,500 mg)

Arginine is a naturally occurring amino acid that plays an important role in cell division, immune system response, healing wounds, removing ammonia and toxins from the body, as well as assisting with releasing key hormones. The body has the ability to convert arginine into nitric oxide as needed.

Maca Root Extract
Maca Root Extract (100 mg)

Rich in powerful antioxidants, maca root extract can help increase energy without giving you the jitters or common side effects generally associated with caffeine consumption. Clinical trials have shown that maca root extract can improve energy and stamina.

Spectra™ (100 mg)

A potent nitric oxide enhancer made specifically from fruit, vegetable, and herb extracts and concentrates. In a clinical study, Spectra™ was found to elevate nitric oxide (N.O.) levels by 64%, with the effects lasting up to 3 hours. Spectra™ can also increase mitochondrial oxygen consumption by 146% and reduce reactive oxygen species (ROS) levels by 42%.

L-Arginine HCI
CoffeeBerry® (100 mg)

In addition to caffeine, CoffeeBerry® contains numerous beneficial compounds in levels higher than occur in regular brewed coffee or even the coffee bean (seed) itself. Caffeine is well known for its effects on enhancing energy, mood, metabolism, and performance.

Vanadyl Sulfate
Vanadyl Sulfate (10 mg)

Vanadyl sulfate is an “insulin mimicker” that works to increase the amount of glucose and amino acids driven into muscle cells. It is also used to enhance muscle pumps and fullness, as well as vascularity.

Other Ingredients

Vegetable Capsule: Our rapid-release vegetable capsules are completely transparent and made only from plant cellulose. No gelatin is ever used.

Vegetable Stearate: The highest quality vegetable-based stearate is used to ensure that each and every capsule contains the same amount of fat-burning and muscle-preserving active ingredients.

Allergen Notice



365-Day Money-Back Guarantee

You need a product that can increase blood flow, maximize performance, and give you the energy and stamina required to get through a grueling and intense workout (whether in the gym or bedroom). That’s what you can expect from Vintage Burst.

We appreciate your business and support for our brand, and we want to make sure you are happy with your purchase. Therefore, there are never any risks when trying our products.

While thousands of happy customers have tried, loved, and reviewed Vintage Burst as a 5-star product, if YOU aren’t 100% satisfied with it, please contact us for a full refund.

There are no hoops to jump through or a million questions you need to answer. Simply contact us, and we’ll make it right. We want you to have a memorable experience with our products and become an Old Schooler, and if this is your first time trying Vintage Burst, you don’t even need to send the product back to us if it doesn’t meet your expectations.

Money-back guarantee
Vintage Burst™

Vintage Burst™

120 Veggie Capsules - 40 Servings

194 reviews

The all-natural Vintage Burst™ is specially formulated to help keep nitric oxide (N.O.) levels elevated for hours – enabling bigger and better pumps and higher-intensity workouts.

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In stock
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Money-back guarantee
How to Take Vintage Burst™

How to Take Vintage Burst™

3 capsules

Take 3


30 minutes before meals

30 minutes

before workout

Take 1 serving (3 capsules) 15-30 minutes before your workout.

Do not take more than 1 serving within 3 hours.

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11 Apr 2021
David W.
United States
I recommend this product

Excellent product. Can definitely feel the pump on the targeted muscles.

02 Apr 2021
Chris B.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Absolutely love it wish I had gone with your products sooner

05 Mar 2021
Samuel B.
United States United States
great part of combo

Great product. sometimes I have to do my workouts late at night and Burst with a little pre-workout gives me awesome energy to get through a grueling workout, even late.

04 Mar 2021
Rachael H.
United States United States
GREAT pump supplement

Was in the market for a supplement that would help with getting a better pump during my workouts. Vintage Burst has been a great addition and has proven that it is not just great at helping with producing a good quality pump, but it also does so without the crazy hyped up feeling of others I have tried.

25 Feb 2021
Anthony L.
United States United States
Great Pump!

Best product I’ve tried so far! I’ve reordered because the results show. I’ve really become a fan of all the Old School Products I’ve tried and I’ve ordered repeatedly. the Vintage Burst truly gives and keeps that pump after a good workout.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take this with creatine?
Yes. Anecdotally, some bodybuilders say they get even better, longer-lasting pumps and muscle fullness when stacking Vanadyl Sulfate (a key ingredient in Vintage Burst™) with creatine. Vintage Build™ is a great source of high-quality creatine and stacks very well with Vintage Burst™.
Can I use Vintage Burst™ on a fat-loss or fat-cutting diet?
Yes. Fat-loss or fat-cutting diets typically require eating less food (i.e., cutting down on your calories). This may cause your energy level to fall and your metabolism to slow, making it harder to lose fat. When you’re on a calorie-reduced diet, you may also be eating fewer antioxidant-rich foods. Besides boosting your energy and metabolism, Vintage Burst™ supports healthy antioxidant levels with Spectra™.
Is there a type of workout that works best when taking Vintage Burst™?
Vintage Burst™ can be taken before any type of exercise. For the best pumps, we recommend keeping your rest between sets between 30 and 60 seconds.
Can I use Vintage Burst™ as a pre-workout?
Vintage Burst™ can be used as a light pre-workout. For more energy and pumps, try our two-stage pre-workout, Vintage Blast™, which is designed to help you take full advantage of your workouts.
Can I take Vintage Burst™ on the same days I take other Old School Labs™ products?
Yes. Just make sure the total amount of caffeine you are taking from all sources doesn’t exceed your tolerance. For example, if you tolerate 400 mg (about 3 cups of coffee) or less of caffeine daily, make sure that you don’t exceed this amount.
More Questions?
If you have any questions about this product please feel free to get in touch. At Old School Labs™, we pride ourselves in the quality of our products and our customer service.
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