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Think you can’t keep up with the younger guys in the gym? Think again.

Vintage Build helped me see that age is just a number AND get my body back.

I let my ego get the best of me. And I paid for it.

I was out of the gym with a torn rotator cuff for the better part of six months. When I stepped back into the gym, I felt like I had never been inside of one.

Everyone seemed so much bigger and stronger. Doctors recommended I start with machines until I built my strength up.

I used to squat a clean 450 and now, I was barely leg pressing 150 pounds. I was ashamed, embarrassed, and frustrated.

I kept at it for months, seeing little to no progress. After every workout, I felt wiped. I wondered how I used to lift so aggressively before.

Talking with some guys my age, I asked how they managed to keep making progress despite being close to (or over) 40 years old.

They recommended the usual. Clean diet, plenty of exercise, and rest. But I knew that wasn’t enough.

Then one of them mentioned a post-workout supplement called Vintage Build. After that, my days in the gym were never the same again.


Vintage Build is a post-workout supplement that helped me reclaim my body. I’m lifting and exercising more than I was before my injury!

Vintage Build helps to zap soreness, boost strength, and build muscle.

Vintage Build is taken after your workout. Think of it like a reward that tastes great (I know I do.)

It contains a combination of three of the most powerful and proven muscle-building ingredients: branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), creatine, and glutamine

One scoop is exactly what your muscles are looking for following a workout. I might take a second scoop before bed if it was leg day. It’s caffeine-free so you don’t have to worry about losing sleep or being kept awake.

The Right Ingredients AND the Right Dosage for Serious Results.

Vintage Build should be taken right after your workout since this is the best time to kickstart your recovery.

The science behind Vintage Build.

There is a time frame after a workout when your muscles are primed to take in all the muscle-building nutrition you can throw at them. Experts call this the “window of anabolic opportunity.” This is where the muscle-building ingredients in Vintage Build come into play. Each one is readily absorbed during this window, providing the body with the literal building blocks of muscle tissue. 

Sure, Vintage Build has an awesome lineup of ingredients but what’s just as important is the fact that each ingredient is dosed according to scientific studies.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve purchased a supplement only to get HALF of what my body needs. Vintage Build is different. Each ingredient AND dosage is based on what sports scientists recommend. Old School Labs isn’t just pulling this out of thin air. They know their stuff.

What does my life look like with Vintage Build?

Remember how I said I was barely able to rep out on the machine leg press? Kids and older ladies were kicking my butt.

Once I started using Vintage Build as a part of my diet and workout program, I noticed that I entered what I call a “positive cycle of improvement.”

Vintage Build reduced my soreness, which meant I could get back in the gym faster.

And every time I went to the gym, I noticed I could do a little more. Nothing too crazy. I wasn’t throwing boulders. But even a one-percent improvement, over the course of months, adds up fast!

Next thing I know, I graduated back to free weights (I was so happy).

Eventually, I’m squatting my old personal record. And then the day came when I lifted even more.

Needless to say, Vintage Build has remained a part of my life since the day I discovered it.

I take it immediately after my workout and if I was especially rough on my body, I’ll take another serving before I go to sleep.


What do all the doubters ask?

When friends ask me how I bounced back, I can’t say enough good things about Vintage Build. I’ll break down the questions I get asked the most:

It worked so well for you but can I recommend it to my wife / girlfriend?

Absolutely! Vintage Build is perfect for post-workout recovery for both men and women.

Can I take it at night?

You bet. Vintage Build does not contain any stimulants so you can even take it before bed like I do.

How does it taste?

Awesome! I love the Fresh Berries flavor. No chalky aftertaste to worry about.

Will I get bulky using Vintage Build?

No! Vintage Build is designed so that it helps you gain LEAN muscle, not bulky mass.


The perfect supplement after a grueling workout

After my injury, I thought I would never see the iron-side of the weight room again.

Thanks to Vintage Build, I was able to regain what I lost… and much more.

Now, I can’t imagine a workout without it.

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