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Long Days at Work Affecting Your Workouts?

You’re Not Alone and There’s a Solution

Putting in long, stressful hours at work can zap your energy and crush your motivation to get after it in the gym.

You work hard to help solve a problem or issue people are having.

Your boss relies on you to get the job done and get it done to the best of your abilities.

You strive to be the best at everything you do.

But that amount of effort does not come without a cost – it robs you of your energy and motivation.

Sure, you may be motivated to succeed at work and change lives, but what about YOU?

Are YOU taking care of yourself?

What good are you to others if you don’t make sure you’re physically and mentally healthy?

Here’s the answer… NO GOOD.

Medical professionals, doctors, nurses, and first responders have experienced one of the toughest years of their lives. They are giving it their all, each and every day, to help people – putting their own health and lives in harms way.

And at the end of the day, while fulfilled with the work they’ve accomplished, they’re mentally and physically exhausted. You can probably relate to such a feeling of total exhaustion.

Luckily for some of them, Vintage Blast has become their second wind. Whether you’re one of the front-line heroes, or someone who punches in every day and refuses to compromise with your productivity and results, imagine what Vintage Blast can do for you!

At the end of an exhausting day when the couch looks good, but the gym is calling your name, Vintage Blast is there to help shift your mindset, recharge your battery, and motivate you to continue pushing forward.

No workout is too intense when Vintage Blast is running through your system.


Lasting Energy Without Jitters or a Crash

Pre-workouts are some of the most commonly used supplements on the market. However, while they can help energize you, the side effects may cause you to weigh the pros and cons.

In a world where “more is better,” that isn’t necessarily accurate when it comes to pre-workouts. Old School Labs Ambassador and bodybuilder, Samir Bannout, said it best when he mentioned, “More is not better, better is better.”

Far too often, it’s a battle to see who can load their product with the most stimulants and caffeine possible.

The result?

You find yourself shaking like a leaf in the wind, which is then followed up with a crash that feels like you hit a wall doing 150mph in a luxurious exotic sports car.

After a while, your body will also develop a tolerance to the high levels of caffeine, and it will demand more in order to achieve the same results. This can create some serious health risks.

The whole goal of pre-workout is to lift you up and maximize your workout, right? So, why should you settle for a product that takes you back to square one where you had no energy and motivation?

The answer? YOU SHOULDN’T.

That’s why so many people reach for Vintage Blast.

Vintage Blast is a scientifically dosed pre-workout that utilizes very specific ingredients that work cohesively to help compound their effects, so you don’t need 800mg of caffeine.

Each ingredient in Vintage Blast complements the other. Old School Labs creates products that are backed by science, not hype. Products that have been proven time and time again to be potent, clean, and effective.

Best of all, Vintage Blast utilizes a revolutionary 2-stage energy release system that doesn’t cause a spike and sudden drop of energy that leaves you feeling worse than before you even took the product.

Most of these products you’ll find won’t even get you through your workout and may cause you to hit the wall and wave the white flag in defeat halfway in. The result is a drop-off in performance the second half of your workout, which does not benefit you in any way.

In order to maximize your results in the gym, you need to optimize your performance.

With Vintage Blast, you get a steady climb of energy and focus, which is able to be maintained over the duration of your workout before slowly tapering off without a crash.

Vintage Blast isn’t your common overpriced caffeine supplement. It’s MORE!

Utilizing only the highest quality ingredients, Vintage Blast combines key vitamins, minerals, and scientifically-backed ingredients to provide you with sustained energy, heightened focus, a boost in mental performance, and the motivation needed to tackle the most grueling workouts following a long, hard day at work.

The end result is maximum results from your workout while still allowing you to gradually and slowly come down, so you can relax and rest before taking on another demanding day.

Stop Struggling Through Your Workouts (and Workday)

A healthy mind and body will not only help you stay productive throughout the day, but you’ll be able to maintain the level of performance needed to succeed and be the best at work.

That all stems from whether or not you take care of yourself.

Vintage Blast was created to solve the problem so many face where not only do they struggle to get through their workout, but also their workday.

With Vintage Blast, this is no longer an issue.

This stems from the everyday fitness enthusiast who needs the energy to put in a long day and still be able to train, all the way up to the professional athlete and bodybuilder who use this powerful pre-workout to help them look and perform their best.

If you want energy, drink a cup of coffee.

If you want an all-in-one product that boosts your mental and physical performance, even during the most hectic of days, reach for Vintage Blast.

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