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In only 15 minutes, one supplement gives me all the energy I need for my workouts without the crash.

I could barely get through a workout. Now, I have more than enough energy for the gym, my job, and my kids.

I used to think my best days were behind me.

Waaaay behind me, back in college - When I could study all day, party all night, and still have energy for the gym.

When I had kids, things changed.

Juggling a job, family, and my lagging fitness life took a toll. I started skipping the gym, opting for the couch and my kids instead.

The thing is that my kids are like me when I was younger: they are energetic. They want to play. More importantly, they want to play with me.

I could barely make it to the gym once a week and then I was suddenly expected to play with my kids everyday (and still be a good husband).

I was overdoing it on coffee and still lagging. Then I found Vintage Blast.

This pre-workout supplement was like a light switch for my energy levels.

Not only was I able to get to the gym more but I had enough energy to spend active time with the kids.


One Scoop for All-Day Energy, Focus, and Productivity

I grew up with the original pre-workouts. You know the ones I mean. They were essentially caffeine with a bunch of food coloring.

Some even had illegal ingredients. (I’m sure you saw them in the news.)

Supplements have changed. Some for the better, but most have taken a turn the other way.

Instead of focusing on real ingredients that can truly support your workouts, a lot of supps just give you MORE caffeine.

I don’t have the head or the stomach for that anymore.

Vintage Blast is the only pre-workout I’ve found that feels like it was made for me.

It’s more than an overloaded caffeine supplement. It has ingredients that are proven to support your body before, during, and well after the workout.

What will Vintage Blast do for you?

Vintage Labs gives you a huge boost in your energy AND endurance. That means you’ll last longer in the gym.

But it’s more than that. Vintage Labs doesn’t just help with physical energy. It increases mental energy as well.

You’ll feel like you’re focused while you work out - probably more than you’ve felt before. And this is important because if you want to see real results, you need that mind-to-muscle connection.

I like to geek out on how supplement ingredients work and Vintage Blast blew me away (bad dad joke, I know).

The guys over at Old School Labs really know their stuff (or they did a TON of research) because these ingredients are the real deal.

Each one has been studied and then used in an athletic setting. Let me show you what I mean:

D-Aspartic Acid is one of the ingredients on the list. It’s been shown in studies to improve strength but, get this, it also increases the absorption of minerals like magnesium.

And guess what. Vintage Blast also contains minerals in its electrolyte blend and your body can absorb them better with D-Aspartic Acid.

See what I mean?


This isn’t your run-of-the-mill pre-workout supplement (or brand for that matter).

One scoop a day gets me in the zone (and that’s where I stay) for work, family, and the gym.

I typically take Vintage Blast about 30 minutes before my workouts. I have it timed perfectly so that when I’m finishing my warm-up, I’m ready to throw the weights around.

I love the two-stage energy system. I get that initial rocket launch of energy and then once I reach the halfway point of my workout, I get another boost.

As I’m walking out of the gym, I still feel focused and ready-to-go. But not in that wired sorta way that caffeine makes me feel.

Once I get home, I have enough energy to get the kids ready, make their lunch, and get them off to school.

And even after my long morning is over, I’m still feeling the boost from Vintage Blast.

Like I said, I grew up when supplements were those drinks you had to choke down. But they’ve come a long way and Vintage Blast is proof of that.

Not only does Vintage Blast taste amazing (my favorite is Smoked Pineapple) but it’s all natural. There’s no chalky aftertaste so it’s a pleasure to drink - not a chore.

The winning factor for me was its two-stage energy release system. I love feeling as pumped leaving the gym as I did inside the gym.

Even if you don’t know much about supplements, you can see from the transparent label that Vintage Blast is properly dosed and contains some hard-hitting ingredients.

Most importantly, Vintage Blast really is an excellent pre-workout for guys who are new to fitness or who have been out of the game for a while like myself. Keeping up with the guys who are in their 20s is a great ego-booster.

Have the energy you want to experience life - not let it pass you by.

I really like the little details in things. With Vintage Blast, they already had a great lineup of ingredients and they could have stopped there but they didn’t.

They have a fully natural formula. No weird fillers or GMOs. And it’s the attention to those little things that makes the difference for me.

I don’t always have time to dedicate to researching every supplement on Google, so it feels good knowing that someone else has my back.

You don’t have to have kids to see a real benefit from Vintage Blast. Try it and see for yourself.

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