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Frequently Asked Questions

+ Why does my bottle have a Prop 65 warning?

If you are purchasing from California, we serve you a Prop 65 warning on this supplement based on the fact that a) it, like all supplements of this type, requires such a warning according to the state, and b) we have opted to publish the warning to be compliant and transparent - which cannot be said for all supplements companies.

To be clear, Califonia’s Prop 65 warning is not to be confused with us not testing the products and guaranteeing that they are made in compliance with all GMPs (good manufacturing practices) and made at our contracted FDA certified facilities with ingredients that have passed quality controls and are recognized as safe - which is the exclusive way we make and manufacture products.

So you can rest assured that you are getting a quality product through and through, which we stand behind.

+ How do I redeem my student/military discount?

You need to head to the respective page and follow the on-page instructions.
Click on the following links to head there now: Military Discount, Student Discount.

+ Do you have samples?

We do offer samples for Vintage Brawn™, Blast™, and Build™! Check them out →

+ I received the wrong item(s) or my order is missing an item. What do I do?

Contact us immediately. Make sure to include the email address you used for checkout, your full name, and your order number.

Our customer service representatives will not rest until you get the right product(s) as quickly as possible. They will also guide you through the steps of exchanging or returning the wrong item(s).

+ Where should I store my supplements?

You should keep Old School Labs supplements in a cool, dry place, and away from heat, moisture and direct sunlight. Learn more about good and bad storage areas with our storage guidelines.

All supplements should be sealed tight after use, and kept out of reach of children.

+ How long does it take for an item to get back in stock?

It typically takes a few days for any item to get back in stock. The best way is to sign up to the waitlist on the product’s page.

Our customer service representatives can give you a more accurate figure. Use this form to contact us.

Questions about Vintage BLAST™

+ Why did you add sucralose?

The decision to use sucralose was driven by the reality that these flavors - which randomly surveyed OSL customers voted for - necessitated it in our testing (ie there was no other way to make the flavor 'taste like it should'; and that almost all people surveyed didn't mind having sucralose in the lineup on some flavors - or simply asked that they have options (ie that not all the products are one way or the other in terms of sweetening).

Speaking of sucralose and sweetening in general. We stuck to our core: you can trust that we put in the minimum quantity of sweetening necessary to get the job done, plus we used the highest quality raw material available anywhere.

+ May I combine Blast with Build?

The entire Old School Labs product line is designed to be stacked together, & perform optimally when done so properly! Having said that, we do encourage you to take advantage of our open-label policy (we list every ingredient & its quantity) and consult with your physician about any specific concerns.

+ Why doesn’t Vintage Blast™ wire me up?

Vintage Blast is not going to “wire” you up like other pre-workouts you’ve used in the past. Blast provides a different kind of sensation, a smoother, focused, sustained energy that, most importantly, translates into more productive training through increased strength, & extended endurance.

+ Is this Vegan friendly?

Vintage Blast is not Vegan friendly. The reason for this is due to the N-Actyl L-Tyrosine being derived from duck feathers.

+ Will this break my fast if I work out in the morning and take this before?

Although we don't recommend using our Old School Labs products while fasting, Vintage Blast will not break a fast since it has zero calories.

We do recommend that you take Vintage Blast with a snack or small meal. This will help your system digest the serving of Blast. Since it is a 2-Stage formula, it requires "fuel in the tank" to be fully digested into your system!

Questions about Vintage BURN™

+ How much caffeine will I consume per serving?

Vintage Burn contains 150mg per serving!

+ What is the difference between Vintage Burn capsules and Vintage Burn powders?

There are no major differences between our Vintage Burn Capsules and Powder, we simply wanted to give our customers the option to enjoy our fat burner as a delicious drink as well!

+ Can I mix this with Vintage Blast or is that too much caffeine?

Yes. Just make sure the total amount of caffeine you are taking from all sources doesn’t exceed your tolerance. For example, if you tolerate 400 mg (about 3 cups of coffee) or less of caffeine daily, make sure that you don’t exceed this amount.

+ How long before I see results?

Our customers typically start to see results after 2-3 weeks!

+ What is difference between Vintage Burn and LAVA 196?

The main difference between them are ingredients like Chromium (which helps control blood sugar) and its 3-stage formula!

The 3 stages are:

1. Immediate: Amplify and ignite thermogenesis and fat burning to begin shedding unwanted body fat.

2. Weeks 2-3: Glucose disposal agents reach levels that help push carbohydrates into your muscles to create a complete, lean, and harder look — even when in a caloric deficit.

3. Weeks 3-4: Glucose disposal agents reach levels that help push carbohydrates into your muscles to create a complete, lean, and harder look — even when in a caloric deficit.

Questions about Classic Creatine

+ Do I need to preload?

It is optional to preload on Creatine, and entirely up to you based on your goals! You will still see results by taking it as directed. However, you may want to preload if you are trying to speed up or enhance your results.

+ Will I lose gains if I stop taking creatine?

If you stop supplementing with creatine, you will eventually lose the gains it produced. (How long this takes depends on numerous factors.) This is natural. It’s similar to if you were to stop eating. Eventually you would run out of (i.e. use up) the energy provided to your body by the food you ate. Eventually, therefore, you would have to resume eating.

+ How is your Creatine better than other brands?

Creatine is creatine, but it can be taken in different forms. For instance, creatine monohydrate is the most scientifically proven form of creatine. Other forms of creatine, e.g. creatine ethyl ester, have been shown to not work as well and produce undesirable effects such as water weight gain. And then there’s the issue of purity. Classic Creatine is purity tested by a third party to make sure that it does not contain unacceptable levels of impurities such as creatinine or heavy metals. Finally -and this may be the most important aspect of all- especially when you’re buying something that you will be ingesting, you want to buy it from a brand that is not only third-party tested but also trusted by experts in the field. OSL has more physique legends, including Mr. Olympias, on its team than any other brand. These real-world experts know what works, and they’ve come to use and trust Classic Creatine and other OSL products to help them maintain and enhance their physiques time and time again. So Keep it Old School!

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Questions about Vintage BUILD™

+ Do I need Classic Creatine if I am already taking Build?

As far as Creatine is concerned, we always recommend taking the recommended dose that is in Vintage Build, which is 6000 mg (2 daily intakes of 3000 mg). So we definitely recommend that you don’t take a Creatine supplement “on top” of Vintage Build because Build has you covered & you don’t need more than what’s already in it to help make those awesome muscle strength & size gains, and the noticeable reduction in recovery times & post-workout soreness!

+ What is the difference between this and Replica GH?

The main difference is the ingredients (For example, Replica GH does not contain any creatine or some of the same BCAA's as Build) and that Replica GH was formulated by Samir himself based on ingredients he used back in the day, and here are some of the key benefits:

REPLICA GH helps increase GH production, enhance muscle fullness, amplify vascularity, and improve leanness.

Golden Era legends like Samir Bannout spoke openly about naturally boosting their GH levels with specific ingredients long before exogenous GH was available. This is Samir's GH-boosting formula that he credits for helping him achieve his Olympia-winning physique!

+ Can women use this?

Absolutely. Vintage Build™ is suitable and safe for use by both men and women. Though male natural bodybuilders love using Vintage Build™, many women interested in building an attractive musculature without adding bulk have also benefited from using it.

Questions about Vintage BRAWN™

+ What is the Amino Acid breakdown?

Vintage Brawn amino acid profile

+ Is this safe to take if I am Lactose Intolerant?

Vintage Brawn shouldn’t cause any negative side-effects for individuals who are lactose-intolerant, as their sensitivity stems from the inability to properly breakdown the SUGARS (lactose) in milk. Vintage Brawn™ contains milk protein isolate (MPI) – meaning the lactose and fat have been extracted and removed – to leave behind ONLY the two milk proteins casein and whey.

+ Can this be used as a meal replacement?

Absolutely! Using it as a meal replacement – especially to replace a higher-calorie meal – can help you lose fat faster. Vintage Brawn can also help you regulate your appetite: Protein tends to be satiating. Plus, the delicious taste of Vintage Brawn™ helps satisfy cravings for sweets.

Questions about Vintage BURST™

+ Can I take this with Creatine?

Yes. Anecdotally, some bodybuilders say they get even better, longer-lasting pumps and muscle fullness when stacking Vanadyl Sulfate (a key ingredient in Vintage Burst™) with creatine. Vintage Build™ is a great source of high-quality creatine and stacks very well with Vintage Burst™.

+ Can I take Vintage Burst as a pre-workout?

Vintage Burst™ can be used as a light pre-workout. For more energy and pumps, try our two-stage pre-workout, Vintage Blast™, which is designed to help you take full advantage of your workouts.

+ Can I take Vintage Burst with other Old School Labs products?

Yes, all Old School Labs supplements are designed to be stacked together, and perform optimally when done so. Just make sure the total amount of caffeine you are taking from all sources doesn’t exceed your tolerance. For example, if you tolerate 400 mg (about 3 cups of coffee) or less of caffeine daily, make sure that you don’t exceed this amount.