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7 Reasons Why People Love Vintage Bend™

Here’s why athletes and bodybuilders are trying and sticking with this powerful joint and bone support supplement over other choices on the market.

Vintage Bend


It reduces inflammation after intense workouts.

Joint and muscle soreness after workouts are the result of inflammation. This slows recovery of tissues, joints, and muscles and might even cause overuse injuries. Managing post-workout inflammation helps you go after those gains and helps you stay competitive. And Vintage Bend is there to help reduce the inflammation that comes with the stress of lifting and helps limit potential damage to muscles and joints.


It minimizes occasional joint discomfort.

High-impact workouts can have high-impact effects on joints, causing inflammation, stiffness, and discomfort. If it’s intense enough, this pain could keep you out of the gym and on the sidelines for days or even weeks. And who wants to wait to conquer their next goal? The natural ingredients in Vintage Bend help minimize joint discomfort, such as white willow bark extract. White willow bark promotes recovery and pain relief in muscles and tendons.


Bone support when working hard.

One of the key functions of bones is to promote movement in the body. When you are working hard, you need to take care of your bones to ensure their health for years to come. Vintage Bend contains Vitamin K and calcium, which both play a key role in maintaining bone and joint health for supporting healthy recovery. Finally, Vintage Bend contains Vitamin D, which is required for proper calcium regulation.


It promotes mobility and flexibility.

Maintaining flexible joints is a key component of being able to stay active and fit. That’s why one of the key nutrients in Vintage Bend is glucosamine hydrochloride. Glucosamine is a natural compound found in your cartilage and used by the fluids, ligaments, and tendons that support joint comfort.


It’s made with natural ingredients, nothing artificial.

In a sea of supplement choices, it is tough to know what is safe and reliable. Not every supplement is created equal. Vintage Bend stands by their natural formula – it’s non-GMO, manufactured in the United States at an FDA-registered facility, and does not contain any fillers, additives, or artificial ingredients. What you read on the label is supplied in its purest form.


It works quickly.

If you’re waiting to get back to your workout, don’t worry. Vintage Bend customers report feeling results within a few days of starting their new supplement. However, for the most impact, it is recommended to take the supplement for at least three months to establish a healthy nutrient base that will strengthen and nourish bones and joints. 


It’s suitable for men and women.

One of the most common questions we get asked is if women can use Vintage Bend too. We know women are working just as hard on their gains in the gym as men – that’s why Vintage Bend was made with everyone in mind!

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