Vintage Series

Vintage Series

Vintage Series

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Fat Burner

4505 reviews

The first fat burner of its kind that helps you burn fat while preserving your hard-earned muscle.



4954 reviews

Two-stage pre-workout to give you more energy and hydration for harder muscle-building workouts.


Protein Powder

769 reviews

Premium protein blend of eggs, milk, and beef that kicks in fast and lasts for hours. Way better than whey!



366 reviews

Daily multivitamin with minerals and probiotics for maximum nutrient absorption.


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Lean Muscle Stack

Pre-Workout + Fat Burner + Protein Blend

28 reviews

With 3 best-selling products – our two-stage pre-workout, our muscle-building protein powder, and our muscle-preserving fat burner – you'll have more strength and stamina to work out harder, the highest-quality protein to recover and build quality muscle, all while shedding the unwanted body fat.


Our best-selling Vintage Series of premium supplements helps you build the best Golden Era version of yourself. Our formulas are transparently labeled, all-natural, and non-GMO. And we use time-tested ingredients that we never over-dose or under-balance.

So train hard, eat right, and turn your body into a physique with Old School Labs. There’s nothing standing in your way.

Vintage Build™ Fresh Berries
2017 reviews
Vintage Boost™
516 reviews
Vintage Bright™
94 reviews
Vintage Burst™
190 reviews
Vintage Bliss™
251 reviews
Vintage Bend™
106 reviews
Vintage Bloom™
90 reviews
Vintage Balance™
52 reviews
non gmo



nothing artificial



FDA certified
manufactured in USA

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Vintage Blast™ Sizzling Strawberry


Spicy & Sweet Pre-Workout