Vintage Series

Vintage Series

Vintage Series

Vintage Series

Our best-selling Vintage Series of premium supplements helps you build the best Golden Era version of yourself. Our formulas are transparently labeled, all-natural, and non-GMO. And we use time-tested ingredients that we never over-dose or under-balance.

So train hard, eat right, and turn your body into a physique with Old School Labs. There’s nothing standing in your way.

Get started with this customer-favorite stack. Perfect for beginners and adept bodybuilders alike:

 Muscle & Tone Stack

Lean Muscle Stack

Pre-Workout + Protein Blend + Fat Burner

$139.97 $125.97

You literally can’t lose with this stack. Using 3 of our best-selling products – our two-stage pre-workout, our Golden Era protein powder, and our muscle-preserving fat burner – you’ll be tossing weights like they’re toys, building Muscle Beach worthy biceps, and shedding body fat like it’s summer-time all year long.

Or, pick from the these top sellers:

Vintage Burn™

Vintage Burn™ the first of its kind to burn fat while preserving your hard-earned muscle.

Vintage Blast™

Vintage Blast™ the two-stage pre-workout for steady non-habit-forming energy.

Vintage Brawn™

Vintage Brawn™ the muscle-building protein blend that is way superior to whey!

Vintage Base™

Vintage Base™ the multivitamin with probiotics for maximum nutrient absorption.

Whatever your goal, our premium supplements are guaranteed to help:

Vintage Build™
$ 49.99$ 39.99
Vintage Boost™
$ 69.99$ 49.99
Vintage Bright™
$ 59.99$ 44.99
Vintage Burst™
$ 49.99$ 39.99
Vintage Bliss™
$ 49.99$ 39.99
Vintage Bend™
$ 49.99$ 35.99
Vintage Bloom™
$ 49.99$ 39.99
Vintage Balance™
$ 49.99$ 35.99
non gmo



nothing artificial



FDA certified
manufactured in USA

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Vintage Blast™ Sizzling Strawberry

Spicy & Sweet Pre-Workout

$ 49.99$ 39.99
Vintage Bolt™

Complete Intra-Workout Fuel

$ 49.99$ 36.99