John Brzenk

John Brzenk

The Greatest Arm Wrestler of All Time





Mesa, Arizona

McHenry, Illinois

6’ 1”

225 lbs

John Brzenk - aka “The Giant Crusher” and “The Perfect Storm” boasts an unrivaled armwrestling career spanning more than 40 years - during which he has won an estimated 500 professional title, and was named “The Greatest Arm Wrestler of All Time” by the Guinness Book of World Records.

The son of an arm wrestler, John began his own pro career at age 18, winning his first world title in 1983. Over the years, only a handful of people have ever beaten him in tournaments.

In February 2022, John came out of a six-year retirement at age 57 to defeat Khadzimurat Zoloev during East vs West. As a result, he reclaimed the world’s top ranking in the 225-pound division.

In late 2022, John joined OSL after trying the products and endorsing them. The stack he created has supported his bone & tendon health, accelerated his recovery, and reduced his soreness considerably - keys to continuing to compete at the highest level and dominate athletes that are top armwrestlers, at their peak, and half his age.

When he is not arm wrestling, John works as an airline mechanic, a career he chose purposefully since it allowed him travel internationally to compete in the best tournaments, no matter the distance.

Favorite Quote

“Most obstacles melt away when you decide to walk boldly through them.”

John Brzenk
John Brzenk
John Brzenk
John Brzenk

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